My introduction

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My introduction

Post by PlanetTwylo » Mon Aug 19, 2019 5:36 pm

I joined the forum recently and figured that at some point I should bore everyone here by introducing myself. So here it is.

A number of years ago I had become interested in listening to podcasts. I began by listening to what were essentially little more than old-time radio podcasts with virtually no original content. After awhile I began looking for podcasts dedicated to some of my favorite current (and not so current) television shows. For the most part I didn’t find any podcasts about my favourite shows, and the ones I did find really turned me off to podcasts (other than the OTR). They were atrocious.

A couple years ago I tried looking again and again, I mostly didn’t find podcasts dedicated to my favourite shows and the ones I did find were the same sort of train wrecks as before. But amongst those disasters I did find one (An American Workplace) that was different: it was recorded with some concern about audio quality, was coherent and understandable, and the two hosts actually took turns talking instead of everybody trying to talk at the same time, or over each other.

This was one of those “good news/bad news” things. It was good news in that I realized that a quality podcast about my favourite shows was possible. The bad news was that it was only about one of my favourites shows and most of my favourite shows were not being covered. So, what was I to do? I decided to start doing podcasts dedicated to the other shows I wanted podcasts about.

That was two years ago and I still haven’t launched. And I really bugs me.

Why haven’t I launched? Well, a few reasons but the two biggest are failure of format and imposter syndrome working hand in hand.

To my mind, the ideal format for a fancast is a two host arrangement. Where to find a co-host for my planned first podcast? I didn’t have any friends to draw upon, so I tried Facebook. I am not a big Facebook person so I wasn’t particularly active in any of the groups dedicated to the first TV show I decided to tackle but I put the word out that I was looking to do a podcast and was anyone interested in co-hosting.

The silence was deafening.

If I was gonna do this, it was gonna have to be as a solo. THAT’S when the imposter syndrome really hit hard. I’m not even qualified technically to do a podcast, much less qualified to do one on a popular (or at least, a once popular) tv show. This is a battle I am still waging.

Then there is the problem of the structure of the show. I’ve gone back and forth many times about what approach I should take for the structure. I’ve tried numerous ways to make my structure fit into the structure used on AAWP, and numerous times I’ve failed (always coming back to the fact that, unlike AAWP, I am stuck doing a solo show). But I’ve tried (and mostly failed) to create a structure based on the chronology of the content of each episode without it turning into little more than a retelling of the episode. I think I’ve finally turned the corner on that but...

There is the issue of time. I’m currently working about 75+ hours per week (no, I am not a workaholic, it’s an issue of family related expenses). That by itself might be manageable, but I am a slow worker to boot. It seems to be taking about about 10 (or more) hours per episode to watch, make notes, watch, make more notes, watch, make even more notes, organize my notes, reorganize my notes, re-reorganize my notes...

You see how this is going.

But I am determined. I plan to keep at it until I can get about 5 or so episodes completed before I release so that I can have a buffer for the inevitable scheduling issues and delays in producing episodes. At least until I can speed up and smooth out the process, and maybe even be able to cut back my work hours.

Of course, then there are the equipment issues. Yeah, when I started buying equipment I bought a condenser mic. My reasons based on flawed logic—I knew I wouldn’t have good mic technique and a condenser would be more forgiving of that. I didn’t know enough at the time to realize the problem that background and ambient noise would present.

Do I plan to become a podcast professional? No, my podcasting will be a hobby. But I do plan to take Chris Curran’s Podcast Engineering courses with the intention of trying to become a podcast engineering and production professional.

Well, there it is, everybody, I’m done. You can wake up now.

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